Is your indoor air quality a SAFE HAVEN or HEALTH CONCERN?   

What’s in the Air You’re Breathing?

Building Sciences Package

Addresses Indoor Environmental, Structural and HVAC Condition

An onsite visual inspection and assessment of the finish areas and structure members to uncover any conditions that are not conducive to establishing and maintaining a healthy indoor environment. The HVAC evaluation is part of an overall hygiene and mechanical Performance Verification to let you know what the impact is on your indoor air quality. Based on these findings, an environmental testing and mechanical testing protocol will be developed and a budget provided to address and correct the critical issues.

Initial Consultations are Free

Pandemic Preparedness Program

Building Inspections:

  1. HVAC systems for overall physical condition: cleanliness, filter rating and mold/ biofilm presence
    HVAC system for mechanical condition: delivered cfm rate, pre/post filter pressure readings, AC/Hr.
  2. Site Inspections- moisture levels, air and structural
  3. Identify high usage areas for likely exposure, define green, yellow and red zones and develop PM plan
    for each zone

IAQ Monitoring:

  • Co2, O2, Co

Environmental Conditions Measured:

  • RPC (Respirable Particle Counts) .3 to 10. Microns.
  • PM 2.5, 10.0
  • HCHO (formaldehyde)
  • TVOC’s- (total volatile organic compounds) by electrochemical meter, then T0-15 to identify and quantify.
  • VOC continuous monitoring with PID sensor for ppm TLV

NIOSH/Lab Analysis Sampling:

  • Mold (spore trap first), if untypical molds or high counts, viable testing
  • Any contaminants measured or monitored to be elevated
  • Sars CoV-2 ( if building is occupied)
  • Any client concerns/requests

Long Term Solutions:

  • Identify OSHA, CDC and WHO compliant programs and define applicability.
  • Identify HAVC modifications needed as per ASHRAE 62
  • Define any Abatement/ Remediation plans required as to existing Standards
  • Define any supplemental systems needed

Validation Process With Documentation

Initial Consultations are Free

Indoor Air Quality Package

Comprehensive, quantitative monitoring of the IAQ is performed evaluating the 14 most commonly found indoor air problems. Some monitoring may extend for up to 24 hours. From these results, a comparison to established exposure levels or standards is provided. From these results, a corrective action plan is provided along with an expected budget. (call for details)

Residential packages start at $599

Commercial packages start at $699

depending on sq. ft. dimensions

The Importance of Maintaining Good Indoor Air Quality

If you pay attention to current events, you’re no doubt concerned about the quality of air in our atmosphere, what with dire predictions about pollution, greenhouse gas emissions, and global warming and the SARS coronavirus. That said, most of us spend a lot more time indoors than out, and we should pay equal attention to the quality of air we breathe inside our homes.  Even if you’re a healthy adult, poor indoor air quality can have a negative impact over time, and it can be especially detrimental to small children, the elderly, and anyone who already has respiratory, skin, or other conditions, or those who are immunocompromised.  Ensuring good indoor air quality with HVAC is wise at the best of times, but during a pandemic, or even a bad flu season, it becomes even more important.

When you take steps to pinpoint air quality issues and maintain good indoor air quality, you’ll enjoy both immediate and long-term health improvements, potentially preventing the onset of chronic conditions that compromise your overall immunity.  If you want to protect yourself and your family from the detriments of polluted interior air, testing is the place to start.

At Advanced IAQ Solutions, Inc., we’re committed to helping property owners uncover hidden air quality issues that could cause symptoms ranging from mild irritation to significant health concerns like chronic respiratory illness, as well as the spread of dangerous pathogens like the COVID-19 virus.  If you’re ready to assess the quality of your interior air and make changes to alleviate health concerns, it’s time to contact the qualified and reliable professionals at Advanced IAQ Solutions, Inc. to schedule your environmental air quality inspection.

The Dangers of Poor Air Quality

You might be surprised by what you could be inhaling with every breath of indoor air.  Not only could your air be full of common particulates like dust and dander, but outdoor allergens like pollen could filter in, and you may be subject to harmful gases like CO2.

What does this mean for your health and the health of your family?  Early signs and symptoms of poor indoor air quality could include minor irritation, from itchy eyes and rashes, to headaches, fatigue, and a cough or sore throat that just won’t seem to go away.

In some cases, indoor air pollution can lead to much more serious health concerns and long-term complications.  Harmful VOCs (volatile organic compounds) emitted by paint, adhesives, furniture, flooring, tobacco smoke, and more have been linked to respiratory issues and damage to the central nervous system.  The SARS CoV-2 coronavirus has caused a whole new set of concerns on how to prevent the transmission of the viral nuclei into  your indoor air.

What can you do to combat poor indoor air quality?  When you turn to the experts at Advanced IAQ Solutions, Inc. for overall environmental consulting, you have the best opportunity to identify sources of indoor pollution and address them, significantly improving your air quality and health outlook as a result.

Common Causes of Indoor Air Pollution

If you clean your home regularly, you might be under the impression that your indoor air quality is entirely safe.  However, dust, dander, and other large-particle allergens are the least of your concerns when it comes to maintaining safe, breathable indoor air.  Some of the most common causes of indoor air quality concerns are largely unseen and too tiny to be captured by your vacuum or standard HVAC air filters.

Building materials that contain asbestos and home décor that off-gasses VOCs may contribute to serious concerns like cancer, heart disease, and more.  Even household cleaning products could cause respiratory, skin, and eye irritation without proper ventilation.  More concerning, perhaps, are pollutants that linger in the environment, such as tobacco smoke and gases like radon, carbon monoxide, and nitrogen dioxide that come from fuel-burning appliances or filter in from outdoors.

The good news is, you don’t have to live with these frightening, unseen threats circulating in your air.  When you work with a reliable service provider like Advanced IAQ Solutions, Inc., you can schedule indoor air, HVAC, and even testing and evaluation related to COVID-19.

Tips for Reducing Viruses, Pollutants and Allergens in the Home

In addition to scheduling HVAC air quality testing, you can do a lot to achieve healthier indoor air on your own.  If you or your family members are susceptible to respiratory issues due to age, asthma, allergies, or other conditions, you should start by addressing potential causes of indoor air pollution, such as harsh cleaning solvents and substandard filtration.

You can switch to green cleaners and easily upgrade to HEPA filters in your HVAC system (and even switch to a HEPA vacuum) to trap particulates and allergens as small as 0.3 micrometers (including dust, dander, pollen, and even bacteria).  You can improve the ventilation system in your home if necessary and add dehumidifiers throughout the home to combat moisture, or even install a whole-home dehumidifier as an add-on to your existing HVAC.  To mitigate further growth of bacteria in your HVAC system as well as mitigating the transmission of COVID 19, the installation of properly sized UV-C light systems utilizing PCO, PHI and CUV-C technology is provided.

When you contact Advanced IAQ Solutions, Inc. for environmental issues, indoor air quality, and COVID 19 mitigation, you have the best opportunity to discover potential problems and correct them, ensuring the superior indoor air quality and creating a safe and healthy home environment for you and your family.

Reliable Environmental Air Quality Testing with IAQ

At Advanced IAQ Solutions, Inc., we’re committed to providing the superior environmental consulting services every property owner needs to ensure outstanding indoor air quality, optimal health, and peace of mind.  With multiple industry certifications and over 30 years of experience diagnosing and mitigating indoor air quality concerns, the experts at Advanced IAQ Solutions, Inc. are more than qualified to achieve the fresh and uncontaminated indoor air quality you expect and deserve.

As part of the testing after an HVAC inspection, we interpret the  lab work using the latest technologies to ensure precise results that tell us exactly what kind of contaminants are polluting your indoor air.  From there, we create a targeted and comprehensive plan to improve interior air quality in your home.  With extensive knowledge and experience, as well as a commitment to offering competitive rates, Advanced IAQ Solutions, Inc. is the certified and reliable indoor air quality specialist that puts your health and safety first.

Pandemic Preparedness

Pandemic Preparedness goes beyond following CDC clean and disinfect Guidelines, practicing social distancing and wearing face coverings. It entails the careful evaluation of many factors within the occupied building. How the building is going to be used by employees and customers ? What HAVC and environmental controls are in place ? Proper ventilation, filtration and use of supplemental UVCGI or BPI are also critical factors in stopping the COVID 19 spread inside the building. The viral cloud can extend the infectious virus out to 26’ from the source and remain airborne for up to 18 hours or more.

Continual testing and research are revealing the a major transmission route of the virus is by airborne transmission. A well designed Pandemic Preparedness plan incorporates all critical factors and advises the property owner where to put their investment in making the building a safer place for employees and customers. There is no cost for the initial discussion and clarification by a continually trained and certified
Pandemic consultant.

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