If you see dark edges around the perimeter of your carpeted rooms, under the doors or around the floor and wall air registers.
    If you are dusting frequently.
    If you feel better when you are out of the home for a short time than when you are inside.
    Musty, damp smells anywhwere in your home.
    Runny nose, stuffy sinuses, ear infections, headaches or respiratory infections.

    When you disturb mold, it will spread a mass of spores into the air that remain air borne for long time periods. If the mold type is classified as toxigenic or pathogenic, it can cause fungal related diseases when the spores are breathed in. Mold growth under 3 sq.ft. on a painted bathroom surface or shower wall can be considered a maintenance item if removed on a regular basis. Mold growing on structural materials, contents ot cellulose based items cannot be successfully removed by just cleaning. That is best done by a certified mold remediation company using HEPA filtered vacuums and devices while under containmemnt and use of proper PPE.

    There are no medically based airborne exposure standards to mold spores.It really does depend on the mold types present and the susceptibility of exposed persons to molds. The size of the moldy area is not an indicator of potential health concerns either. It is best to have a trained, certified mold specialist inspect and test the indoor air to report the mold types by airborne concentration so a proper remediation/abatement plan can be developed. This should be an independent third party consultant, not the mold remediation company. Testing results should be shared with your allergist or qualified health professional for best interpretation.

    High levels of carbon dioxide and lowered levels of oxygen can quickly occur in a stale air environment. Carbon monoxide can also build up if there are fossil fuel burning devices in the home and the home is not in a constant state of positive air or fresh make up air is not being provided. VOC’s ( volatile organic componds) levels can rise quickly from use of cleaning solutions and scenting devices. These conditions create a variety of responses that are not conducive to well being and best health. Higher levels of respirable particles, allergens and bacteria are often found in a stale air environment. There are 12 conditions that can be monitored by an IAQ professional that will provide you with answers as to the safety and comfort levels in your home.


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