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ADVANCED l.A.Q. Solutions, lnc.

Environmental Consulting, Testing and Standards Compliancy

Overview of Services:

Performing independent 3’d party services administered by an experienced, certified IEP professional to ensure services that meet or exceed the highest standards of the lndustry.

The evaluation of environmental conditions and contaminants to determine potential health impact is an inclusive service upon request.

Client Services Available

1.  Air and substance testing in a residential, commercial, and Healthcare setting to identify the level of contaminants as compared to established standards set by ACGIH, OSHA, EPA, NIOSH, or any other established standards or guidelines.
2.  Cause and effect inspections to clarify contaminant sources and environmental impact.
3.  Developing a Standards compliant scope of work to ensure the highest standard of performance and results are obtained.
4.  Providing on-site project supervision to third party remediation or abatement company.
5.  Post project site inspections and verification testing to produce a Certificate of Compliance for the property owner.
6.  EIFS and Stucco moisture inspections
7.  NADCA inspections for compliance to air duct cleaning standards set by that national organization.
8.  Expert Witness testimony for litigation cases.
9.  Asbestos Inspections and testing
10. COVID-19 Risk Mitigation Services

11. HVAC Inspection and testing for the presence of SARS CoV-2 virus as well as any visible
mildew or bacteria (biofilm). A standards complaint mitigation plan is provided.

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Consulting Sevices Available

Each contaminant is subject to the following services as applicable or requested:

A. On site inspection with quantitative testing to be analyzed and reported by a third party certified lab.

B. Interpretation of the lab results as to environmental impact and potential health impact.

C. Development of a certifiable scope of remediation, abatement or clean up services consisitent with Industry standards.

D. Project management working with the Environmental contractor.

E. Post Remediation inspection and verification testing to ensure a successful standards compliance clean up has been performed

F. Providing a Certificate of Compliance for the property owner.

Contaminants Include

Bacteria-air, Water and Surface Contamination
SARS CoV-2 Coronavirus
Bloodborne Pathogens
Cannabinoid Residue
Combustible Gases
Lead Paint
Nuisance Dust
NADCA Compliant Air Duct Cleaning Results
All NIOSH Testing Standards
Opioid Presence And Residual
OSHA Workplace Exposure To Indoor Contaminants
Schedule 1,2,3 Drug Presence And Residue
Sewer Gas
Smoke, Soot And Carbon Black Particulates
VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds)