Mold Testing Services

Mold is a serious issue; if you think you may have mold in your commercial or residential property, it’s important that you reach out to a professional mold remediation company with state-licensed remediators as quickly as you can. Your health, along with the health of your friends, family, employees, co-workers, and/or tenants, could hugely depend on it.

Advanced IAQ solution offers on-site mold and moisture inspections for both commercial and residential properties. Our mold inspectors will do an in-depth assessment of your entire property to identify if there is any mold present and, if so, what can be the cause as well as the effect on your indoor environment.

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Why should mold testing be taken seriously?

Mold can be quite injurious to your health and might lead to many respiratory issues. Some of the most common health issues include chronic fatigue, persistent headaches, rashes, coughing, and chronic sneezing, and irritation to the eyes.

Mold testing and inspection in Tampa, FL. is about making sure that your spaces are healthy by ensuring that you don’t have conditions supporting mold growth on your property. The demand for mold testing services in Florida is increasing as more people are starting to realize just how big of an effect, mold can have on your health

When you consider mold testing done at your home or office?

  • Are there visible signs of water damage at your property?
  • Is there a stale smell or elevated VOC’s in your home or building?
  • Has the property ever had a plumbing leak or a leaking basement ?
  • Has the property ever had other water problems?
  • Has the property ever had a sink or sewer overflow?
  • Does the attic have a roof leak or is supporting fungal growth due to lack of ventilation?
  • Does the structure hold excessive moisture content or inside is elevated relative humidity?
  • Does your HVAC system support fungal growth or biofilm content?
  • What types of mold spores are present in your environment? Are they allergenic or toxigenic?
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Finding Invisible Traces of Mold

In every case, our experienced team will conduct an air quality test, which will reveal what the overall mold levels are in the air compared to outdoor mold levels. Most of the times, there is no visible mold, that’s why we do an Air Quality test which identifies elevated mold levels by type and quantity in the air that can be very harmful to both you and your property.

Once we have the air quality test results, we will develop a certified remediation scope of work consistent with the current and highest Standard of Care as defined by the IICRCS520, and other Guidance Organizations. This is a project specific step by step scope of work. A realistic budget will be projected so you can ensure the that you are receiving the best care and fair pricing.  At the completion of these services, a reinspection is provided as well as post testing. When testing proves that the problem has been resolved, A Certificate of Compliance is produced for your property.

We are the most thorough mold testing and inspection experts in Florida. If you need trusted  microbial advice, a mold cause and effect inspection, mold testing with a certified scope of work,  contact us today at 610 972 1293. We stay with you until the job is done and you are ion a better condition that does not continue to support mold growth.