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Keith Roe founded Air Care and Restoration Co. Inc in 1992 which provided water and fire restoration services as well as carpet restoration and structural build back services. Since 1998, this organization provided IAQ Environmental services to home and commercial clients. This included all standards of air and substance testing. Water remediation, lead testing and abatement, structural assessments, odor removal, air duct cleaning and VOC abatement services were key areas of focus and practice. In 2004 an HVAC integrative service was added proving long term mechanical solutions to high humidity, ductwork contamination and stale air conditions in residential, commercial and healthcare settings. In 1999-2000 he was listed in the National Registry of Who’s Who in Executives and Professionals. He was a founding Board member of the Philadelphia chapter of the IAQA (Indoor Air Quality Alliance)

In 2018, Keith sold this very successful organization to MilKoz Corporation and now provides consulting services to include all practices of testing and IAQ evaluation. Creative problem solving, developing certified remediation and abatement programs and designing long term solutions to repetitive IAQ problems are his strength based upon his successful experience, training and many certifications obtained over the years. He also serves as a Project manager for ICRA in Healthcare construction and remediation projects.


CMC- Council-certified Microbial Consultant- ACAC
CIE- Council-certified Indoor Environmentalist-ACAC
CRMI- Council-certified Residential Mold Inspector- ACAC
Advanced Mold Inspector- CMA # 128
Microbial Remediator- IICRC
Microbial Remediator Supervisor- IICRC
Council-certified Allergen Inspector – CAI #1128
Asbestos Building Inspector Pa# 042077
Lead-Based Paint Certified Renovator
Lead Inspector/Assessor
Infection Control Risk Assessment – ICRA by ECRI Institute
COVID 19 Risk Mitigation Services
Managing HVAC Systems to Reduce Infectious Disease Transmission

Course/Workshop Training

Understanding Mold Contamination in the Indoor Environment.
Recognizing Buildings with Chronic Moisture Problems
Investigating and Assessing Biological and Microbiological Contamination
Preventing Moisture and remediating Mold Contamination in HVAC systems
OSHA lead in Construction
Lead RRP Practices
IAQ and Industrial Hygiene Testing Methods
Legionella Testing and Abatement methods
Allergens, Asthma trigger – EPA-ERMI/ARMI Mold testing methods

Long Term Solutions to Indoor Air Pollution
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