Environmental Consultant Near York Pennsylvania

In York, Pennsylvania your quality of life is paramount. I’m Keith Roe, a York Environmental Consultant and owner of Advanced IAQ Solutions. Our main focus is to ensure that you have the highest quality of air in your home for you and your family. The average human takes 22,000 breaths every day. That comes out to around 30lbs of air and 3,000 gallons. The quality of air that we breathe has a dramatic affect on our overall health. Consulting with an Environmental consultant can shine a light on any potential issues that may be present in your home. Once you have an in-home evaluation complete you can then make educated decisions that can improve your indoor air quality and provide you with long term health and sustainability.

What Does A York Environmental Consultant Do?

The main purpose of an Environmental Consultant Job Description is to help the citizens of York Pa to address any potential environmental issues and lower the environmental impact that they may be having on their local environment. Important impact areas include water pollution, waste management, air quality, and soil contamination. We work with client in both the private and commercial spaces

Protecting natural resources is another main function of the job done by environmental consultants. It is crucial to maintain the living and working spaces that we inhabit not only for the current residents but for future generations as well. By integrating their knowledge and information they can help businesses as well as government agencies to understand that impact their decisions may have on the environment and provide solutions to reduce the negative effects of growth and future development

Each environment is unique and provides its own set of benefits and challenges. Identifying these characteristics is the first step in creating a report and scope of the overall area in York Pa. Testing and Measuring provide information that is measured with previous knowledge and guidelines. For example as IAQ Solutions we specialize in air quality. Based on our findings we can then make educated recommendations that can provide the people of York Pa with the best air quality that is possible.

Combining our scientific knowledge with testing, regulatory requirements, and technical expertise IAQ is able to provide an unmatched service in the York Pa area for environmental indoor air quality assessments. By conducting these tests we are able to identify and minimize risks and preserve health and safety. It can also serve to stave off legal action, stop fines, reduce illness, and ensure compliance with current laws.

Commercial Air Purifiers and Indoor Air Quality

When working in the commercial space in York Pa we find that the level of air quality can differ greatly. Depending on the industry the amount of contaminants can be on a wide scale. Restaurants are a great example, they give off a big number of VOC’s (volatile organic compounds)and other gasses in their normal day to day operations. Meanwhile, office buildings since they are so densely occupied can give off high levels of carbon dioxide. With these two examples you can see that comercial setting just based on the effects of the business or people inhabiting the building can produce more effects then a normal residential area. In the past year in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic the majority of our work has been evaluating commercial buildings and certifying them for re-entry of employees. That entailed going in and checking the HVAC functionality as well as conducting tests on the air quality and determining what contaminants were in that.

Coronavirus – Covid-19 Environmental Consulting

COVID-19 much like SARS is transmitted through airborne transmission primarily. What we are able to do is look at the fresh air ventilation function and filtration function of the HVAC system, as well as establish ways to inactivate the airborne Coronavirus very quickly by implementing mixed technologies in Air Purification devices; both mounted in HVAC systems as well as standalone in the York Pa workspace or inhabited space itself.

As more and more people in York Pa are being vaccinated and returning to work they are less likely to contract the coronavirus. They are however still about to carry and transmit the disease even without affecting themselves.

With the Governor repealing the mask mandate now, masks will slowly become a thing of the past as more and more people become vaccinated. This will however raise the likelihood of other airborne diseases to be spread i.e. the common cold. When you are breathing in high levels of VOC’s or find yourself in an area with above average dust levels it is important to monitor your time spent there. These small respirable particles, the tiny sub-micron particles that enter our lungs are elevated, all of that has an effect on your health, and many times is a gradual decline in your health, or a gradual response that is being built up.

Other York Environmental Contaminants

The latest medical journals are saying that our immune systems are not as strong as they used to be. A lot of the downgrade in immunity has to do with the indoor air quality that people are sitting in for hours on end at office buildings. In York Pa the buildings are constructed to be energy efficient and in doing so we create areas that trap contaminants and recycle them with minimal fresh air being pumped in. The fresh air ventilation, even in a commercial building is a very small part of the air that gets heated and cooled. All of that has had an effect upon the health of our buildings.

Environmental Consultant Day To Day Tasks

In York Pa health care facilities, nursing homes, extended health care, daycares, and schools have been our most consistent clients in the past year. All of these facilities which house large numbers of people on a daily basis need to be up to a high standard once business gets back to 100% following the pandemic. The indoor air quality of these facilities will be routinely checked to make sure that it is clean and safe moving forward.

Finding Your Answers
After all the tests and metrics what actually comes of it? As Environmental Consultants we go in and look at about 14 different factors of air quality, and from those factors, establish what standards are out there to be complied to. And almost all the contaminants that we know about have had research, and there are standards of exposure that should be adhered to. We define what those standards are against what we found.

In regards to the long term solutions for commercial and residential structures in the York Pa area, it can range from a modification of the HVAC system, the heating and air conditioning system; increasing filtration levels. Injecting fresh air into an enclosed environment enables natural healing. Our first steps are to simply what we can and create the best environment possible. Air purification and disinfection devices are an example of a simple solution and have grown in popularity since the technology behind them has increased in recent years.

How Much Will This Cost Me?
Some people ask, “What is an environmental consultant salary?”

Don’t worry about it! We do York Pa consultations for free! We will provide you with a survey based on our findings and walk you through what we recommend based on our experience and your budget.

We want to provide the people of York Pa and the surrounding area with the best service possible. You can contact us through our email address Keith.Roe@rcn.com and schedule an appointment. We would love to help you find out what’s in your air and how we can help to make it better.

You can also visit our website and take our online questionnaire. Its 30 questions consisted of individual questions to help evaluate what could be happening in your home or office building. After you complete the questionnaire feel free to contact us and we can walk you through the findings and go over our plan to get you breathing better.
More Information on Environmental Consultants

Environmental Consultant Certification
An environmental consulting career Environmental Consultant Companies
If you need Environmental Consultants for other types of York Pa environments beside air quality. Please let us know. We may be able to get you connected with trusted professionals.

Environmental Consultant Internship
If you are interested in pursuing a career in Environmental Consulting then this would be a great place to start. In the coming year after the Covid-19 pandemic we look forward to having our office back up and running. Give us a call and inquire about potential future opportunities.

Engineering and Environmental Consultant
An Environmental Engineering Consultant or firm can assist you with full building system design and project oversight in York Pa. They can also provide you with ongoing reporting as well as compliance reports, grant applications for FEMA or other government-sponsored funding/programs.We can handle most of these aspects for you including system design for existing business or residential structures. If you have any questions on the scope of our services and whether we can help with your project, please contact us directly.