The GermZone 100UV: An Air Sanitizer for Schools

With so many schools around the country forced into distance learning by the threat of COVID-19, what schools need more than anything is a way to disinfect and sanitize the air so that classrooms will be safe again. As schools are reopened, it will be especially important for them to have some way of safely disinfecting the air – even if students remain masked all day. The GermZone 100UV is an air sanitizer for schools, reducing viruses and germs in a single air pass! A critical part of an effective pandemic preparedness plan.

How the GermZone 100UV Works

The GermZone 100UV is a new advanced air sanitization system from Aerobiotix. It uses our patented biocidal technology to reduce viruses and bacteria in just a single pass using our quartz-based photolytic UV-C reaction chamber. This includes many different types of potentially harmful germs and viruses, including both influenza and SARS-CoV-2. In other words, it can protect students and staff against many different diseases, not just the current pandemic. The GermZone 100UV uses state of the art photolytic technology with a patented germicidal system. It is a true air sanitizer for schools, capable of reducing the virus that causes COVID-19!

Keep Your School Safe and Disinfected

Our medical-grade technology is designed for upper-room installation, which is exactly where most in-room viruses and bacteria live. It uses a germicidal UV reaction chamber to reduce viruses and bacteria. Because of the use of this UV reaction chamber, it is safe to use in occupied areas as it produces no unsafe UV-C emissions. Our air sanitizer for schools is made in the USA of all steel construction and produces a sound level of 55 dB. It has a flexible installation plan for source capturing and is designed for use in rooms of up to 500 square feet. An effective installation layout and plan is provided by AIAQS with every purchase.