The GermZone 100UV: An Air Sanitizer for Offices

Although many workplaces have gone to remote work to protect employees from the pandemic, using the office at least some of the time is still unavoidable. If business owners were able to disinfect and sanitize the air in their offices, they could make the workplace safe from the threat of COVID-19. The GermZone 100UV is an air sanitizer for offices, capable of reducing viruses like influenza and the coronavirus that causes COVID-19!

About the GermZone 100UV

Introducing the new air sanitization system from Aerobiotix, the GermZone 100UV. This medical grade technology uses a patented biocidal process to reduce viruses and bacteria in a single pass of the air. Our UV-C reaction chamber is capable of reducing many different types of germs and viruses. It will purify the air in your restaurant, removing the threat of SARS-CoV-2 (the virus that causes COVID-19), influenza, and other threats to public health. The GermZone 100UV uses state of the art photolytic technology to disinfect the air in your restaurant, making dining and working areas safe for both guests and staff. It is a true air sanitizer for restaurants!

Sanitizing Your Office

A single GermZone 100UV can disinfect any room of up to 400 square feet. It’s designed to be mounted on the wall, for the simple reason that the majority of viruses and bacteria are generally found in the upper part of the room. The device uses a UV reaction chamber to reduce viruses and bacteria and render them harmless, without producing any potentially unsafe UV-C emissions. Our all-steel air sanitizer for offices is made here in the USA. Install one in your office to protect both yourself and others from COVID-19 and other diseases.