The GermZone 100UV: An Air Sanitizer for Hotels

Hotels all over the country have been badly hurt by repeated lockdowns. As the danger from COVID-19 continues, hotels will benefit greatly by having a way to sanitize the air, in addition to surfaces, disinfecting it so that rooms and hallways are safe again. The greatest and most far reaching transmission method is from the airborne aerosol cloud created from someone with COVID 19. The infectious viral particles can remain viable for up to 72 hours. The GermZone 100UV is an air sanitizer for hotels. It reduces viruses and germs in a single air pass!

How Does the GermZone 100UV Work?

Introducing the GermZone 100UV, a new air sanitization system by Aerobiotix. This product uses biocidal technology, a patented way to reduce viruses and bacteria in a single pass of the air by using our UV-C reaction chamber. Our process reduces many different types of germs and viruses – not only SARS-CoV-2 (the virus that causes COVID-19) but influenza and other diseases as well. The GermZone 100UV uses our patented germicidal system, featuring state of the art photolytic technology. In a typical hotel room, the air can be disinfected more than 6 times per hour! It is a true air sanitizer for hotels!

Keeping Your Hotel Safe for Guests

The GermZone 100UV is installed in the upper part of any room or on countertops in areas of 500 square feet or less. Why the upper part of the room? Because that’s where most of the viruses and bacteria live! From its position on the wall, it uses a UV reaction chamber to reduce viruses and bacteria. This reaction chamber produces no unsafe UV-C emissions, so it’s safe to use in an occupied room. Our air sanitizer for hotels is made in the USA. It’s constructed entirely of steel, with a sound level of 55 dB. It’s the perfect choice for installation in your hotel rooms, lobby/reception, food service and other common areas, making sure your guests and staff are safe from the threat of dangerous germs and viruses like influenza or SARS-CoV-2.