The GermZone 100UV: An Air Sanitizer for Gyms

After a year without much chance to exercise, the public is ready to go back to the gym – but are gyms ready to open their doors to the public? With the ongoing threat of COVID-19, gyms need to be able to sanitize the air, disinfecting it and making it safe to exercise in once again. The GermZone 100UV is an air sanitizer for gyms. It actually reduces dangerous germs and viruses like SARS-CoV-2!

How the GermZone 100UV Sanitizes the Air

The GermZone 100UV is an air sanitization system created by Aerobiotix. This new device uses a patented biocidal process to reduce bacteria and viruses, needing only a single pass of the air for sanitization. This device’s UV-C reaction chamber is effective against well-known threats like SARS-CoV-2 (the virus that causes COVID-19) and influenza, but it also reduces many other types of viruses and bacteria. The GermZone 100UV uses photolytic technology to disinfect your gym, making the air both clean and safe. It is a true air sanitizer for gyms!

Keeping Your Gym Disinfected

You can use the GermZone 100UV to disinfect any room of 400 square feet or less. It mounts on the wall in the upper part of the room, for the simple reason that most viruses and bacteria will be found in this part of the room. The device’s UV reaction chamber is capable of reducing viruses and bacteria without producing any dangerous UV-C emissions. Our air sanitizer for gyms is made of all steel parts right here in the USA. If you install one in your gym, it can protect your customers and staff from COVID-19, influenza, and many other diseases.